High Volume Transactions Management Program Overview

Application: Repeatable or recurring transactions which occur regularly, with limited or definable variability in process and documentation. For example, where a material amount of the documentation and process remains fairly consistent, similar resources are routinely required, diligence follows a pattern, transaction follows a predictable process, efficiencies can be created at scale, etc.

Objective: Develop a streamlined approach for ClearyX to manage a high volume of similar transactions at a price point that provides value to the client.  Build a project-managed process to complete transactions or projects in a consistent, predictable way, maximizing workflow, technology and lower cost resources. Leverage technology wherever it adds value (e.g. document automation if possible, machine-learning powered diligence, data analytics etc.). 

High Level Approach:

  • The ClearyX team will work with the client team to assess the viability of a particular use case, and gather key information required to build a programmatic approach. Scope and pricing will be determined and negotiated based on resources required, transaction volume, timelines etc.

  • ClearyX will outline a proposed process for the program, identifying all resources required for each step of the process (including ClearyX staff, technology and client resources/input), and identify where automation, machine learning or standardization can be applied.

  • Our team will build a workflow and, where appropriate, process automation using a platform that allows transaction management on a collaborative portal (such as HighQ). Documents will be stored and managed together on project portal with relevant information accessible by clients.

  • Our team will build “playbooks” where appropriate, outlining negotiating positions and tolerances for all known parameters of recurring documents to reduce the time and effort required by clients.

  • Quality control will be managed throughout the term of the project, to ensure client expectations are met, confirm continuing quality of work product, capture opportunities for improvements and consider lessons learned regularly.

  • We will track and share desired metrics based on the project, such as turn time on contract reviews and quality metrics. Where appropriate, we will provide transparent reporting for clients, including dashboards tracking with matters completed/in progress, project metrics, fees, etc.


We will work with clients to establish appropriate pricing, with a preference for pricing on a fixed per-deal or portfolio pricing model wherever possible.  Typically pricing will include any up-front development and resources to build the program, project management, and any project deliverables.  We can provide an opportunity to revisit and review the efficacy of our pricing model periodically (e.g. every 6 months) to determine whether the pricing continues to provide fairness and value to all parties.