Due Diligence & Contract Review

Choose ClearyX as your Due Diligence or Contract Review Partner.

ClearyX provides high quality due diligence and contract review support across a wide range of projects and deal types. Our ClearyX team includes Diligence Analysts, subject matter experts, Project Managers and Staff Lawyers who are highly trained in managing due diligence for M&A transactions, real estate lease reviews, or wherever a high volume of contracts require review and analysis. Our team is also able to support other kinds of transactional work where there are resource constraints, repetitive tasks or price sensitivities.

Our Team

Our team is fully remote, scalable and tech-enabled. We leverage artificial intelligence and natural language processing wherever it creates efficiencies in the process, primarily using eBrevia; but our work is always led by humans. Our Diligence Analysts and Team Leads are legally trained and receive extensive due diligence training. Working very closely with deal teams or client teams, we take a project-managed approach and continually look for ways to improve our processes and efficiency.

The ClearyX diligence team has a depth of experience in contract review, increasingly in specialized areas such as lease review, employment agreements, licensing agreements and more. We can provide lower-cost or fixed-fee support, or simply provide additional resources to scale or support your in-house team.

We perform a high level of quality control on our work and we track detailed metrics on the time it takes to perform tasks. We perform after-matter surveys on all projects to ensure the quality of our work and to find any opportunities for improvement.

Our Fees

Our fully-remote team, staffing models, lower overhead and technology support provide opportunities to structure fees in a variety of ways, with a preference for fixed or project-based fees. Our structure allows us to provide competitive, lower-cost options.

To engage ClearyX, reach out to or any member of our team to discuss your project requirements and opportunities to work with us.